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Discovering and Distributing Decentralized Innovations

Graphic representing crypto / blockchain investments
We see crypto as a generational opportunity measured in decades, not vesting schedules.

Our mentality is that our check will be the least memorable aspect of the relationship, easily overshadowed by our operational collaboration at each stage of growth. A transaction is made, but the relationship isn’t transactional.

Our deep understanding across key Web3 growth areas isn’t what differentiates us, it’s our commitment to being on the ground deploying that knowledge alongside you for years to come.


Our Focus

We go narrow and deep investing on average in 6 companies per year, obsessively focused on:

Category defining or category altering core technology innovation that we believe can expand the Web3 ecosystem to spur adoption.


Struck Standard

Our thesis and selective investment cadence helps enable us to execute on our operational mandate, which is to seek to put up more sweat equity per dollar invested than anyone on your cap table.

At the earliest stages of growth we don’t just focus on network introductions to downstream investors, market makers, exchanges, code auditors, lawyers, and other necessary services – but help formulate a sustainable strategy on how best to utilize and deploy these services.

That’s just the beginning though. Going 0-1 is a contact sport. Your obstacles are now our obstacles. We’re on the ground with you leveraging our operational expertise and adapting to help you focus on shipping products and onboarding customers.

Some key areas of support tailored for Web3:

Hacker house

We understand that a blockchain network is built for the community and we are here to support you in building the right community for your project. We have extensive experience building and growing open-source software, user and developer communities, helping to fill slots for speakers, mentors, and judges, supporting hackathons, and making introductions to the right people who can help boost community engagement.

Matrix grid

We help our portfolio companies with running Nodes-as-a-Service and technical architecture review, where we review database schemas, REST/web-socket APIs, SDK interfaces, and help with selecting the right blockchain tools as well. If you need help with interviewing key technical hires we can help with that too!


Our Vibe

Collaboration is in our DNA, regardless if we invest or not. We’re Web3 maxis first, investors second.

We share deal flow and due diligence with other VCs, help hire for non portfolio companies, introduce to anyone in our network where there is a fit, and much more. We aspire to have people walk away saying 1 of 2 things:

“Struck Crypto did a lot of due diligence and ended up leading our round, then bringing on a lot of others on the cap table, even placed our first hire.”

“Struck Crypto passed, but we got 2 other investors through their deal flow email, and they even introduced us to a good lawyer to help us form our foundation.”