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The next generation of venture capital

White board drawing working with founders on strategy
Seeking to set a new standard for venture capital

We are leading the next generation of venture capitalists by seeking to continually innovate and add value that actually moves the needle. We are unafraid of trying new approaches to help our portfolio companies succeed, leveraging our proprietary technology, a proven track record, and relentless hustle to aim to deliver the kind of results we believe you won’t find anywhere else. Consider the bar raised.

Our Ethos

More than a source of capital.

As former founders and operators, company building is in our DNA. We love rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work that is necessary for an early stage company to succeed. Venture capital to us is much more than writing a check, and we believe our hands on approach greatly helps increase the likelihood our portfolio companies will reach their potential.

We’re built for early stage.

We know what it takes to raise a Seed round and what it takes to get from Seed to Series A and beyond. We believe early stage companies should work with early stage focused investors who are intimately familiar with the challenges early stage companies face. We believe our portfolio companies can benefit from the horizontal lens we have refined across our robust portfolio of early stage investments.

Always innovating.

The startups we build and work with are inherently innovative and we believe in taking that same innovative approach to venture capital. Just how you continuously iterate on your product, we are always testing new concepts and iterating on the way we work with early stage companies.

LA address, global perspective.

LA is a vibrant cultural capital and we are lucky to call it home. We help our companies leverage the extremely diverse set of industries LA is a hub for, including, but not limited to, Hollywood and the entertainment industry. At the same time we always seek to remain on the cutting edge of the latest trends in the tech space globally when making new investments or helping our portfolio companies. We believe our portfolio companies can benefit from the best of both worlds working with us.

From Seed to Series A, and from Series A to beyond.

We aim to provide founder-first capital for innovative entrepreneurs who want to change the world. Specializing in Seed and pre-Seed B2B investments, we work with young founders who leverage information asymmetries to build core technology innovations with the power to transform industries. We promise to seek to deliver more sweat equity per dollar invested than any other investor on your cap table.

Discovering and distributing decentralized innovations.

It’s simple. We look for innovative decentralized technologies that don’t exist today, but we believe will be fundamental in realizing Web3 ambitions of an open, secure, and equitable internet. When we’re in, we’re all-in bringing our domain expertise, operator mentality, and consistency everyday.

Build a company from the ground up — with us.

Our mission is to build the next generation of transformational companies by bringing together extraordinary people and the resources to execute. Through expert-led research, validation, and product design, we seek to transform great ideas into venture-scalable, industry-defining companies. Come build the next leading tech company with us.