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From Ideation to Escape Velocity

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Think of Struck Studio as your co-founder, but instead of one person, we are a strategically crafted team of ambitious builders and operators that partner with you from ideation to spin-out to exit.

Whether the seed of an idea starts with you or the Studio, together we will design simple, elegant products that put the user first. We will use our experience raising billions of dollars in venture capital to ensure the company has the resources to continue to grow in the future.


Our Focus

We will tackle any idea that aims to solve a real problem.

At Struck Studio we take pride in our ability to pursue the entire spectrum of ventures from contrarian ideas that push the boundaries, to the “obvious” solutions that improve the world with creative and diligent execution. We will tackle any idea that aims to solve a real problem.


Our Investors

Struck Studio is independently funded by top venture firms from across the United States. They form the foundation of a venture network surrounding Struck Studio companies and entrepreneurs. They invested in us because they want to invest in you. Our investors include:


Building With
Struck Studio

Exceptional people are foundational to the success of a great company.

We look to partner with talented leaders that bring domain expertise and a point of view to the product to join us as potential co-founders.

It is our ambition as a studio to 10x the value contributed by a typical individual co-founder, and our core belief that any co-founder we build with should maintain a fair and incentivizing level of ownership in the company we launch together.


Our Active

Struck with the motivation to take the entrepreneurial leap? We would love to chat. Get in touch.


Excited about pet care? So are we. There are over 90M pet dogs and 80M pet cats in the U.S., yet discovering, comparing, and scheduling professional pet care is still a time-consuming and frustrating experience in comparison to booking services for their human counterparts.


We aim to transform the way managers identify, evaluate, and hire new candidates by leveraging the power of referrals from their friends and colleagues outside of their current company.  The need to recruit talent is at an all-time high, and we believe there is a massive opportunity to reduce “time-to-fill” by intelligently validating candidates and empowering external networks.


While the world has shifted dramatically during COVID with more and more companies embracing remote work, the housing industry hasn’t evolved to keep up. Workers now have a desire for flexible living arrangements to similarly evolve their personal lives. We believe there is an opportunity to flip the traditional rental agreement on its head and enable more people to be digital nomads and live wherever they want whenever they want.

General Interest

Don’t see a project you’re excited about here, but still want to explore working with Struck Studio? Have an idea for a business you want to suggest to the Studio? We are always looking to bring great folks into our network and of course are always open to suggestions for new business concepts.